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Can GAIA Natural Baby products be used on newborns?

YES! The entire range of products is suitable for all age groups and can be used on newborn babies. Our customers range from premature babies right up to, and including, the elderly. The range is literally suitable for the whole family.

My baby has dry skin and I need a general moisturiser. What would you recommend?

You have two options.

The first is GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser, a non-greasy, light cream that contains wheat germ oil and organic shea butter which are both great for dry, flaky skin.

If you’re looking for a richer product or prefer an oil, try GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil. It’s made from cold-pressed sweet almond oil, a skin nutrient that provides deep moisturisation whilst softening and soothing dry and sensitive skin.

My baby has eczema and very sensitive skin - is there a suitable GAIA Natural Baby product for me to use?

All GAIA Natural Baby products are very gentle and have been created especially with sensitive skin in mind. We have a variety of bathing products that may be suitable. The Sleeptime Bath, Bath & Body Wash and Shampoo are our most basic products that are full of moisturising oils and are designed for bathing without irritating skin.

What does GAIA Mean?

“GAIA” (pronounced guy-ya) is the Greek Goddess of the Earth. Mother Earth is believed to have a living energy spirit called “GAIA” that is the creator of all life and all the things that come together to form the earth.

I have heard that I shouldn't use products with essential oils during pregnancy - is this true?

Not entirely. There are a small number of pure essential oils that are considered toxic and should be avoided during pregnancy. These include clary sage, fennel, sweet marjoram, myrrh, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage and thyme.

The pure essential oils and concentrations used in GAIA Natural Baby and GAIA Skin Naturals do not use any of these oils and so are completely fine to use during pregnancy without any concern.

Do your products contain alcohol?

GAIA Skin Naturals do not use what you would commonly term “alcohol” (this generally refers to drying alcohols) in any of our formulations. Any reference to “alcohol” on our labels refers to the wax alcohols or Cetearyl alcohol which are classed as moisturising alcohols. Cetearyl alcohol is made from various vegetable oils such as sustainable palm and coconut. These bear little relation to common alcohol, which is a volatile liquid and quite drying.

I am allergic to nuts, do any of your products contain nut oils?

That depends on your allergy – do you have a peanut, tree nut allergy or both? Only one of our products contain nuts or nut derivatives and that’s our GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil which is made from cold-pressed sweet almond oil. Almonds are actually classified as a fruit and are low allergenic. However, our products are manufactured with other products containing nuts so it’s best if you do a patch test first.

You can request a sample of our Bath & Body Wash and Baby Moisturiser, however we do not have any Baby Massage Oil samples available at this stage.

Do you have a product that will help with my baby’s cradle cap?

Exactly what causes cradle cap remains a bit of a mystery. What is known is that it is better to use a product that is pH balanced, free from drying agents and is moisturising so as not to upset the natural oils of your baby’s scalp, which can lead to dryness and cradle cap.

We get a lot of feedback from mums who have babies with cradle cap that have used GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil and Baby Shampoo with great success.

Check out our cradle cap handy hint on the GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo product page for more details.

Can Coeliacs use your products?

YES! Coeliacs Disease is a permanent intolerance to dietary gluten and, for this to be of concern, gluten must be ingested. In other words, you need to eat it for it to cause a problem. Wheat products, such as wheat germ oil, can be used on the skin without concern by people diagnosed with coeliac disease.

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