Cruelty Free

We Say No

No to Animal Testing

GAIA Skin Naturals are committed to providing high-quality ingredients that are made without cruelty to animals.

No animal ingredients

You will not find any animal ingredients in any of our products.

Our product trials

Our product trials are done using real people – not bunnies or any other animals.

Vegan friendly*

Most of our products are vegan friendly. The only two products in our ranges that are not vegan are GAIA Nipple Balm and GAIA Natural Baby Soothing Cream – because they contain beeswax.

Ingredients GAIA uses that are often confused as
animal derived


When GAIA states we use Allantoin, we mean the natural plant-based type derived from the active part of the comfrey root which is known to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy scalp. Other companies may use uric acid (known also as Allantoin) which is derived from animals.


Is a by-product of soap making. A natural ‘humectant’, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin, it also smoothes the skin’s surface. The glycerin GAIA uses is derived from vegetable oil not from animal fat.

Lactic Acid

GAIA uses Lactic Acid derived from plant sources not animal sources or animal by-products to moisturise as well as naturally exfoliate, refine and clear skin. It helps to balance the skin’s pH levels.


GAIA uses only plant based proteins from wheat or oats. Unlike other baby products, we do not use silk protein because silk protein is made by boiling silkworms alive in their cocoons to stop them from ‘ruining’ the silk fibres when they are ready to hatch.