What is COSMOS Natural & Organic Certification & Why Does It Matter?

What is COSMOS Natural & Organic Certification & Why Does It Matter?

In the realm of beauty and personal care products, discerning consumers are increasingly seeking out natural and organic options. This demand for cleaner, more sustainable products has led to the emergence of various independent certification bodies designed to ensure transparency and authenticity in the market. Among these, the COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic Standard) certification stands out as the most comprehensive global standard for organic and natural cosmetics. But what exactly is COSMOS certification, and why does it matter to both consumers and producers? Let's delve into the details.

The Origin of COSMOS

COSMOS was established through the collaboration of five founding members - BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), Ecocert Greenlife SAS (France), ICEA (Italy), and Soil Association (UK) - all of which are leading organic and natural certification bodies in Europe. This partnership was forged with the aim of harmonising organic and natural cosmetic standards on a global scale. Officially launched in 2010, the COSMOS-standard AISBL is a non-profit, international association headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

What COSMOS Certification Encompasses

COSMOS certification is divided into two major categories: COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural. Products carrying the COSMOS Organic label must contain a high proportion of organic ingredients and a significant percentage of the total product must be organic as well. For products that cannot meet the high organic ingredient threshold but still adhere to the natural and clean ethos of COSMOS, the COSMOS Natural certification is available.

Why COSMOS Certification Matters

For Consumers

COSMOS certification provides a beacon of trust and transparency in a market flooded with confusing claims and greenwashing and lack of government regulation. When consumers see the COSMOS seal, they can be confident that the product meets the highest standards for organic and natural ingredients, sustainable production, and environmental stewardship. It also assures them of the safety and efficacy of the products they are using on their bodies and in their homes.

In conclusion, COSMOS certification represents the gold standard in natural and organic cosmetics. It assures consumers of product integrity, safety, and environmental sustainability while offering producers a competitive edge and a framework for adopting greener, more responsible practices. As the global community becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues and health, certifications like COSMOS play a crucial role in guiding both consumers and producers towards a more sustainable future. Check out the GAIA Natural Baby range of Australian Made, COSMOS certified baby washes today.