The Best Skincare Routine for the Winter Months

Many of us love the winter season. Enjoying walks in the cooler weather and not having to face the harsh and damaging effects of the sun each day can be a welcome break. Yet, winter can also take its toll on our skin and having a good skincare routine for you and your baby is important during this season. 

With the cooler weather, you may find that your central heating goes on more regularly, and this can dry skin out. Establishing a routine that includes regularly moisturising your skin and your baby’s skin can stop it from becoming dry and flaky. 

Baby’s skin and moisture loss

Babies are born with skin that is thinner than an adult’s skin, and as such, they can lose moisture more quickly than we do as adults. 

A baby moisturiser is a perfect way to replenish the moisture in your baby’s skin, and when you use a gentle moisturiser full of naturally derived ingredients, it is suitable and gentle enough to be used every day.

A skincare routine

Choosing the right moisturiser is essential, and GAIA Skin Naturals Baby Moisturiser is made with organic shea butter, organic rosehip and organic avocado oils, plus natural extracts such as wheat germ oil and cacao butter. This all helps to lock in moisture and target those dry patches, even on newborn skin.

Use our moisturiser just before bedtime as part of your bedtime routine, helping baby’s skin to stay soft and hydrated, as well as smelling wonderful. With organic lavender, it can also help your baby drift off to sleep. 

Barrier creams made from naturally derived ingredients should also become part of your daily routine. These can be used whenever you change your baby’s nappy to avoid them getting a nappy rash, and they are particularly beneficial just before bed. As your baby starts to sleep for longer during the night, they are more likely to be in their nappy for longer and making sure their delicate skin is protected can avoid their skin from becoming irritated. 

Get your natural skincare products from GAIA Skin Naturals 

Our Australian-made and owned skincare products have been developed to give your baby the best. Best of all, our products are affordable, so you can take care of yourself and your baby’s skin throughout the year and be sure that they are receiving products that contain pure and natural ingredients. 

Shop our range of baby skincare products today and protect their skin this winter.