Soap vs soap free? Have you ever wondered what is better for your baby?

Soap vs soap free? Have you ever wondered what is better for your baby?

Soap and soap free cleansers are made with surfactants as the key ingredient for cleansing the hands and body of dirt, grime and germs.

Surfactant based ingredients vary from strong, synthetic surfactants such as SLS and other sulphates (these are commonly used in dishwashing products) to plant-based surfactants, such as Decyl Glucoside. Surfactants work by interacting with water, making the molecules slippery so they don’t stick together. When water molecules don’t stick together, the surfactant molecules are more likely to bond with the fatty substances surrounding dirt, germs and oil so when you rinse away the cleaning product, the dirt rinses away, too. Surfactants can be irritating by nature, so by using gentler ingredients it reduces the potential for irritation and dryness. The stronger the surfactant, the more it will strip away the skin’s natural oils and the drier the skin will become from continuous cleansing.

GAIA Natural Baby products contain plant-based surfactants such as Decyl Glucoside, which is obtained from renewable raw materials, through a combination of plant based fatty alcohols (coconut) and glucose (sugar / starch). The surfactants we select for our GAIA products are designed to be gentle on skin while still effectively cleansing, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

For any cleanser to be effective, hands need to be washed properly for at least 20 seconds, with vigorous rubbing and concentrating on the hands and fingers. If you or your family suffer from dry or irritated skin as a result of excessive hand washing, GAIA Natural Baby washes make for a great family-friendly option that effectively cleanses without drying out the skin.