Skincare and Newborn babies

When you hold your precious newborn baby in your arms for the first time, there is nothing in the world more special then that moment. As you feel their soft skin, you vow to do everything you can to help them achieve their best and have the best start to life. 

From the earliest days, having the right skincare products for your newborn can make all the difference. There are many products on the market that use ingredients that may unknowingly irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Here at GAIA Skin Naturals, we use naturally derived and organic ingredients wherever possible so that your baby gets the best. Our products are designed to be gentle but effective.

Products to cleanse

It can be surprising how dirty babies can get, even when they don’t seem to go anywhere. You can easily clean your baby with organic cotton cleansing pads in between washes. These are perfect for nappy changes, and you will find that your newborn frequently needs changing in the early days, so you want to be sure that what you are using is suitable for their delicate skin. 

Cotton pads are also perfect for cleaning between delicate fingers, toes, and skin folds so that your baby stays clean. We prefer cotton pads to cotton balls, as they are bigger, safer and do not leave lint behind on baby’s skin. 

To keep that skin oh-so-soft

One of the delights of a baby’s skin is how soft it is to the touch, and you can keep it this way and avoid drying or flaking skin with specially designed baby moisturiser. Some of the main causes of dry skin are from cold weather, exposure to harsh chemicals or dehydration, and it is important to keep your baby’s skin moisturised.

At GAIA Skin Naturals, our baby moisturiser can be used all over the body, including the nappy area, keeping it fresh and clean. 

The GAIA Baby massage oil with almond, lavender and chamomile oil is a fantastic way to give your baby’s (or your) skin a treat and enjoy some wonderful bonding time. Gently massage the oil into your baby’s skin and enjoy the time together. 

Skincare to protect the skin

All those lovely rolls and folds in your baby’s skin mean that they can be prone to sore areas, but not with the right skincare products. Our soothing cream is perfect for treating skin that needs it, whether that is the nappy area or elsewhere on the body. 

Our baby powder is also perfect for absorbing any excess moisture from the skin, and it can help prevent painful chafing. Suitable for your newborn, it can also be used by all the family. If your baby is suffering from a mild nappy rash, this can help to soothe it and prevent it from reoccurring. 

Choose products that have been designed with newborn skin in mind

Delicate newborn skin is different to adult’s skin so using products that have been designed specifically for babies means that your baby is less likely to suffer from skin irritations. 

All our skincare products have been developed by parents in conjunction with biochemists and aromatherapists to ensure that we are bringing you the very best from nature. Our products are also cruelty-free, and we do not test on animals. 

Explore our range of baby skincare today.