Organic Ingredients & why we use them

Organic Ingredients & why we use them

For many people, choosing organic is not only about their health but also the health of our planet.

Organic farming uses techniques that preserve our environment and keep the soil as healthy as it can be. It does not use synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and chemicals or any other substances that are or maybe, harmful to soil, water, wildlife, human life or the environment.

When synthetic pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are sprayed onto our farms, it decreases the quality of our soil and increases salinity (salt levels). It also depletes the soil of vital minerals necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Chemicals not only affect the soil they are sprayed onto. Rain washes these chemicals into our waterways and the water that we drink. Through the food we eat and skin care products we use, these chemicals are taken into our bodies. Here they can damage our immune system and cause allergies, infections and even cancers.

The skin is a living, breathing organ and needs to be cared for. Everything is absorbed through your skin therefore it should be gentle and non-toxic.

What is in our products?

Our carefully selected ingredients are derived from natural sources wherever possible.  We have chosen our ingredients because they are gentle and have beneficial properties, and we use as many organic ingredients as we can get our hands on and list all organic ingredients on the label with an asterisk (*) = Organic.

Sourced from reputable companies, the ingredients that are organic have been verified our suppliers, we have organic certificates for these ingredients used within our products.