How to Wash Baby’s Hair (and How Often)

Getting into a routine with small ones can be useful – and bath time is usually a big part of that. But balancing bath time with protecting your baby’s skin and hair can be tricky unless you are using natural, gentle products.

How Often Does Hair Need to be Washed?

Whether you are establishing a routine or not, finding the right balance between keeping your baby clean and protecting delicate skin is important.

When it comes to hair, babies typically produce very little oil, so they don’t need a shampoo every day. In fact, it is better to wash hair 2-3 times a week or even less, although if your baby suffers from cradle cap you might want to wash a little more often.

Choosing the right shampoo

One of the most important parts of the hair washing routine is to make sure that you have the right products on hand to clean your baby’s hair effectively and gently.

For bath times when you don’t need to specifically wash hair, a handy all-in-one cleanser like the GAIA Hair and Body Wash is great to use for babies & newborns. Saving both time and money, this cleanser is formulated to be gentle for everyday use without soap or sulphates. 

For hair wash days, GAIA Baby Shampoo is a gel formulation that will not sting eyes but instead offers gentle cleaning to leave hair soft and shiny without soap or sulphates that will not strip the hair of its natural protective oils. The ingredients used are natural, like organic chamomile extract and lavender pure essential oil. Synthetic fragrances commonly found in baby shampoos can also be quite irritating. If you love the smell of freshly washed baby hair, opt for a baby shampoo that gets its fragrance from natural essential oils instead. 

Gentle Cleansing

Washing a baby’s hair can be challenging, especially if they don’t enjoy the sensation of having their hair washed, but the best thing you can do as a parent is to try and make bath time a fun, sensory experience. 

Take your time with the process, there is no rush to get it done. Babies tend to enjoy their bath time much more when they are relaxed and having fun – so going slow is best. If you are lucky enough to have a water baby that loves to splash and doesn’t mind getting water in their face, then you can use our shampoos with confidence, knowing that they are safe and gentle. 

If, however, you have a baby that really does not like the sensation of water on their face, then start by wetting the hair gently, cupping the forehead with your hand to stop it from running into the eyes. Use a small amount of shampoo to gently massage the hair and scalp. Rinse with clean water, pouring from a jug or similar until the water runs clear, protecting the face and eyes using your hand.

Bath time should be a fun and bonding experience for parents and babies, and with the right products and mindset, you and your child can enjoy the routine of getting clean. 

GAIA Skin Naturals was created because there are just not enough easily available products to protect delicate skin. Our Australian company takes pride in finding the right balance of dermatologically tested ingredients at the right price so that you can find your bath time routine in a way that is safe for even the most delicate skin.