5 Reasons to Use a Belly Oil

5 Reasons to Use a Belly Oil

GAIA Skin Naturals produces a whole range of gentle, natural, and effective products for babies, but we know that the real heroes here are mums – which is why we have also created a range of products designed to help mums through pregnancy and beyond.

From pregnancy care to postpartum luxury, GAIA Skin Naturals have Australian-made, natural, and organic products that will make mums feel pampered while protecting their skin from the damage that can be caused during pregnancy and even postpartum. 

One of our favourite products is our Belly Oil – and there are so many uses for it, we always have it handy for pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

Stretch Marks

Pregnancy changes the way your body looks, and when the skin stretches quickly from a growing bump, stretch marks can appear. Stretch marks are caused when the natural collagen and elastin in the skin cannot keep up with the rate of growth and ruptures. 

Early stretch marks can be raised, red and itchy. As they age, they fade to silvery lines – and for some mums, they have a negative effect on self-confidence. 

Our Belly Oil has been designed to deliver intense hydration, keeping the skin supple and smooth, and help fight against the development of stretch marks when used from early pregnancy.

Skin Toning

As we age, skin can lose some of its firmness – and a good skincare routine can make a difference against the dreaded sag. Our Belly Oil contains rich moisturisation from a range of natural and organic oils so you can use it on any part of your body where the skin has lost some of its bounce.


Dry skin is a problem, as we move through air-conditioned and heated spaces, spend time outdoors and use makeup – and in pregnancy, this can be made worse thanks to the hormonal changes. Using Belly Oil as a deeply moisturising product can help prevent skin from drying out even in the most testing conditions. 

Dad-To-Be Bonding

Pregnancy can be a magical time, but it can also be tough on relationships – so finding ways to bond with your partner while you are pregnant is important. Our Belly Oil allows Dads the opportunity to really get to know your bump and how your body is changing during pregnancy when you get him to help you in your skincare routine. 

Ask Dad to rub the oil in around your bump so he can feel closer to you and to your baby.

Me Time

New mums don’t often get a chance to spend much time for themselves after giving birth, so establishing a self-care routine is important for your mental health. Scheduling time to have a nice warm shower without interruptions so that you can apply your Belly Oil afterwards when your skin is soft and supple is a good excuse to set a routine for self-care and ‘me time’.

GAIA Belly Oil

Suitable for all skin types, GAIA Belly Oil contains no lanolin, steroids, petrochemicals, or mineral oils. Instead, we have chosen organic natural oils like avocado and rosehip to create a luxurious, deeply moisturising blend that is effective and gentle. Use wherever you need extra moisture, on C-section scars and stretch marks – and massage gently into the area for lightly scented, supple skin.