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Massage Oil - I relaxes my daughter everynight with a massage. The Gaia oil leaves her skin so soft and smells great.

Natalie -

Baby wipes - even though my girls are 3 and 5 still buy them to clean their hands for when we are out - they are just so soft and smell nice.

Jenny -

Gaia body lotion is my favourite! It smells clean and hydrates the skin quickly.

Alice -

Fraser is not quite one,
but boy does he love bath time fun.
Sleeptime Bath to soothe
Then Baby Massage Oil to smooth

Amy -

The wash is my favourite, it reminds me of having tiny babies, it smells amazing, and is so gentle on littlies skin

Olivia -

I love the Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine Body moisturiser, both myself and my daughters use it, we love the smell and how soft our skin feels.

Lisa -

Gaia Foaming Cleanser, pampers pores, repairing the damage that make-up can cause.

Sheree -

GAIA Natural Baby Bamboo Baby Wipes, so many reasons, good to know you are helping in so many ways while cleaning a babies bottom.

Annette -

As a midwife I use Gaia at work and I love it, especially the Natural Baby Moisturiser. It smells lovely.

Kerry -

I adore the intensive moisturiser as it's all organic and most of all.. not tested on beautiful and innocent animals!

Amada -

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