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Customer Testimonials
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GAIA Bodycare Lavender is the best.

Ros -

I love Gaia body moisturiser it's organic extracts of calendula, ginseng and chamomile is calming and revitalises me when I'm tired or stressed.

Sharon -

Shave gel for men as it's really very kind to my face and so easy to shave with.

Phillip -

The Hair and Body Wash is simply divine. It smells so beautiful and is the only product I can use on my babies sensitive skin.

Kristy -

My favourite Gaia product is the baby shampoo because my babies scalp is sensitive and every other product causes her a sore red scalp and makes her cry.

Sandra -

Gaia Skin & Body I dont need to worry about putting anything else on, this one will do all the job alone, my skin feels great.

Ludmila -

I love the body wash as it's the only one I've found that doesn't make me itch!

Carolyn -

The baby wipes are fantastic. We use them on the little one and he never gets a rash. We tell all our friends!

Anthony -

I adore the baby moisturiser as it smells amazing! I also love the baby shampoo and bath and body wash, they are so relaxing. I always carry the bamboo wipes in my bag, their soft and leave my hands smelling lovely.

Hope - Brisbane, Australia

I love Gaia, skin n body collection, senses for my skin and my nose.

Jamie -

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