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GAIA Skin + Body Care Customer Testimonials
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I am 8 months pregnant. I have some bad purple stretchmarks around my breast. It was the only place i got stretchmarks. I bought the belly butter and belly oil and after 4 days 2xdaily use. The scars have started to fade. I can\'t believe it. Both products are amazing and smell so yum.
Can\'t tell you how happy i am and how good it makes my skin feel.
Thank you

Kathryn - Sydney

I just had a baby girl one month ago and I didn't know what kind of power I was going to use. I know I didn't want to use the kinds that have perfume in them so, my mother in law brought her the GAIA natural power and I love it and want use anything else. thanks so much I really
love this product ad is looking forward to using all of the great products that you have to offer.

shanita williams - grenada

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with with breast cancer, I went through a double mastectomy , 2 lots of chemo (I had 2 different types of cancer), hormone therapy as well as 7 weeks of radio therapy, you are given sorbolene to put on your body after each treatment. I found the sorbolene not very good, my burns were getting worse I came across your baby moisturizer, it was so soothing and so much better than sorbolene I was really impressed.
I have an auntie that is going through radio therapy I sent her a bottle she is also impressed with it.
I talk to a lot of people going through radio therapy I tell them my story and tell them IT WORKED FOR ME.
Thank you

Lynne Jamieson - Adelaide

my baby has eczema from six week old, I tried alot of cream and natural oil but nothing helped him until i tried Gaia baby lotion and moisturiser..Now his skin look much better..thank God there is a product out there to my baby..

nancy - perth

I used to have very flushed face, when I wasn't wearing makeup, due to having sensitive skin. Now I don't have to wear any makeup at all because my skin is so clear. I used the skin soothing lotion as a day and night cream and my skin is the best I've ever seen it. If you want people to think you are already wearing makeup when you are, in fact, makeup-less.. then try it. So long as you use it correctly, it is just the greatest thing ! xx

Peachy - Perth

Dear Gaia Staff,
I thank you, with all my heart, for your product Natural Baby Skin Soothing Lotion. I came upon it in my grocery store here in the USA. I read the ingredients and saw it was from 'down under', and wanted to try on myself. OMG, its amazing!!
My skin feels incredibly nourished...I'm an over 50 baby. The vibration it carries is beautiful. It's awesome to experience a clean, pure product made with love and knowledge - wow! Thank you again for improving my life!

Diana Jacobson - Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Extremely happy with the Men's range of skin products!
Have tried other brands that left my normal skin irritated to the point where I couldn't use it everyday and consequently small blemishes reappeared. I use the scrub and body wash nightly and just the body wash in the mornings followed by the moisturiser and my skin is the best its been in a long time. The all natural ingredients is what attracted me initially and can already see the benefits after just a few days use with no redness at all even after the scrub. Would thoroughly recommend the Men's range not to mention the competitive price. Thanks GAIA!

Darcy - Colac

My baby girl had really bad baby acne and dry skin on her face at 6 weeks. I tried other creams but nothing helped til I tried GAIA skin soothing lotion. Within in a day I saw results, within a week bubs had no more acne or dry skin. She now has beautiful skin.

Natalie -

I love the facial cleanser and moisturiser. At first I was a little worried the oils might aggravate my sporadic acne, but instead it has cleared it up, and my skin feels so soft and smooth and I actually think it has improved my skin tone too! And they smell divine as well! I can't recommend these products enough.

Hayley -

The Gaia Skin and Body Collection, as it is all in one pack to use and pack away.,

Lisa -

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